Friday, October 16, 2009


After traveling pretty intensely for the last two months or so and with the colder climes of southern Chile rapidly approaching we decided to head north in search of a rest and some warm weather. And we certainly found it. We headed to the north coast of Peru to the border with Equador... a little town called Mancora.

On the internet we found a recomendation for a hostel whilst sorting our accomodation for Lima. The hostel was called Loki and boasted amongst other things a awesome looking pool... as always I was sold.

Loki Hostel... not your average hostel

The pool and bar area

The view from the balconey

There really wasn't too much to do in Mancora, its a little beach town that has a good break for learning to surf. And it has a nice beach that stretches off as far as the eye can see.

The town

Loki hostel was amazing, it turned out that Mancora was a little sketchy but in all honesty there wasn't any great to leave the hostel really... other than to go in search of the internet and skype headsets ;)

Loki had a system of employing travelers behind the bar, which ment no matter when you headed over there was someone to talk to... and we made some real good friends. These boys were from the North and we got on like a house on fire.

Naomi, Dom, Alex, me and Marco

Another fun thing about Loki was they had a lot of competitions and organised sports going on, like pool volleyball, fussball, table tennis and my personal favourite bowling on the nintendo wii. The below photo shows Marco competing in one of the many bowling competition.


And finally a beautiful sunset

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