Saturday, August 15, 2009

new haircuts and more Iguassu Falls

Elaaaaa foufi, just thought I'd put up a few more photos for you to see. More of the falls, and even a few of me with new hair.

The falls were actually amazing, today we went up them in a speedboat.

Today we've been to the Argentinian side of the falls, which are very different to the Brazilian side. On the Argentinian side you get far closer to the falls.

I swear I haven't photoshoped the sky

We went in one of these speedboats into the actual falls

So as i said fouf, I've put on a couple of photos of me with my new hair, like I said on the phone you have to remember the next time you see me it'll be back to being longer and scruffy like it was when we met etc. but for now and traveling its actually uite fun to have short hair, but it is realllllll short haha. People seem to like it though, and I think i do too... well its growing on me at least (no pun intended).
I promise it will grow back

Speedboat funtimes

And this is Willy and Ozvaldo, our drivers that I've talked about. Ozvaldo and me are practicing spanish/english a lot. I'm not really sure either of us are actually learning anything of use, but we laugh alot - which I think is the main thing :)
Ozvaldo left, Willy right

Like I said foufi, please do remember my hair will grow back haha, i actually quite like it... for a change not forever, but with a nice beenie?... :)
muchas besos fouf
x x x

Friday, August 14, 2009

Iguasso Falls

Elaaa foufi, just thought I'd put up a few photos from Iguassu Falls from today for you to see. This place was pretty amazing, but first theres also photos of us attempting to set up a campsite in the dark haha. It was actually alot easier than it looked, and despite my concerns over not having a sleeping bag and being cold we were fine. There were spare sleeping bags on the bus and its actually really really warm again here, to the extent we were swimming in the campsite's pool this afternoon, actually the water was freezing but it was fun all the same.

Night time campsites

It looks slightly different in the daylight

Today we crossed the border to Paraquay, it was nuts seriously. A guy pulled a flickknife on me, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise he wasn't trying to mug me and instead was actually trying to sell it to me, along with a knuckleduster... I politely declined haha.

Chaos in Paraquay

We went to the falls in the afternoon and they were amazing

More falls, an overview if you will

For some reason (as usual) the photo uploader seems to be playing up so i'll see if I can upload a few more photos tomorrow, higher up the falls was seriously amazing.

miss you as always fouf
x x

Monday, August 10, 2009

Paraty and Trindade

Hello you, glad your enjoying the blog Foufi. I thought today I'd upload some photos of the town we're staying in, Paraty (pronounced Parachee). Its an amazing little place and its split into the old town and the new town... and the contrast is quite stark. The old town is very beautiful, and quite touristy. I've attached some photos below of some of the buildings and the streets. Its really beautiful, and it seems to be full of locals as well as tourists which is quite nice. I'm sure if it wasn't winter there'd be more tourits though.

An example of the architecture (i like the sky in this one)

One of the (very uneven) cobbled streets

Another cobbled street (the colours in the town are awesome)

The church (another beautiful old building)

I went to the supermarket and had to take the below photo for you... the special K was no where to be seen though.
One half of an infamous duo ;)

Today we've been to a lovely little place called Trindade. It was quite a small town at the centre of three beautiful beaches. The main one was a little more crowded (again with locals and tourists alike).

We had a little swim, and climbed on some rocks, then we all sat in the sun for a while (and I listened to some Spanish podcasts and tried to make some notes - I'm trying to kick my spanish up a gear again).

The Main Beach

Beautiful skys

Some of the Gap gang hanging out

Me infront of some waves
Thinking of a certain Greek girl :)
Right you, hope you liked these few photos. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to have a bit of an internet day so I'll hopefully update my main blog and also put up some photos here of the hostel we're staying in (I keep forgetting to take them in daylight).
Muchos besos sweetness*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

football and paraty

Hey there you, here's a few more photos from the last couple of days. Last night we went to watch our Brazilian friend's (Fabio) favourite team. It was an amazing experience. We were in with all the local fans and the atmosphere was amazing. Unfortunately Fabio's team (Botafogo) lost 1-0 so everyone went into a relatively sombre mood later on. But it was such an amazing experience to be in with the locals... so much better than if we'd have gone with a tour.

Outide the stadium

Giant flags

The view from the top tier

So I think I said we had some stresses with getting our money changed into American dollars. Despite this we still found time for a wander down Ipenema and Copacobana.
Me and Copacobana
Anyways so now we've started our GAP tour and like I told you on the phone, the truck is actually amazing, and below is a photo. Its ment for a maximum of 20 people, as theres seven of us we're literally traveling in luxury. And the beauty of it is this thing actually stays with us continually, its always there so theres no waiting for buses etc. It just turns up and takes us to the next place.

The truck

And we have two drivers and a guide, this is a photo of our guide, Hugo, smoking in a petrol station... and one of the drivers, Oswaldo, doing a little maintenance on the truck.

Hugo and Oswaldo

The journey down the coast was amazing too, so very picturesque.
The Coast

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the first secret post

Ela foufi, so as I said in my facebook message this is our secret blog between just me and you. Either of us can post blogs to each other and it seems by far the easiest way to get photos to each other.

It's nice, it means I can show you stuff immediately I see them. And it'll mean when i'm telling you about things you'll be able to picture exactly where I am and what I'm doing.

So the ideal place to start seemed to be a photo of the hostel. You can see the famous balconey where I seem to spend almost all my time.

Ace Backpackers, Rio de Janeiro

And this is the view back up towards Christ the Redeemer from the balconey, so beautiful.

Rue Sao Clemente

Yesterday we went for a walk in the early afternoon, we walked right along the water front and had an amazing view over to Sugar Loaf mountain.
Mohan and Marco admiring the view

And the is Marco (wearing my sunglasses I might add). This was taken on the terrace of the delicious restaurant we ate at that afternoon.

Introducing Marcus Roach
And this is the whole gang, left to right, Marcus, Fabio, Me and Mohan. (Note the terrible angle of the photo - you know thats bothering me as I write this haha).
Fun times
This was the view from just outside the restaurant, looking back towards the city below. The amazing conical building in the foreground is the cathedral and it's absolutely enormous. And the little white viaduct to the right of the photo is the tram line that I mentioned in a txt, it was amazing people were just hanging off the sides becuase it was so full. Yet we were about 20 or 25 metres up, so dangerous... as usual no health and safety what-so-ever. haha.
Guess who I'm talking to when this was taken? That phone call definiately cost upwards of 10pounds, you know it was worth every penny.

Ela... Foufi...

And this was the amazing view I was telling you about on the phone. This was taken from the window I was standing at for most of our conversation, in the old abandonned mansion. An amazing place, with amazing views... the ideal location for a conversation with Greece ;)

Sugar Loaf in the distance
This was the quaint little bar I told you about in my facebook message, actually I'm not sure if quaint is the right word at all... but it did have ALOT of character.

I have no idea what it's name was though?

And this was the view inside, as I said... so much character

This was an amazing old building we saw, again it was abandonned... infact almost derelict I would have said. But amazing again.
Note the lack of a roof...
This was the sunset photo I was telling you about, soooo good. For once I was in front of the camera rather than behind it. Marco did me proud though... look at those angles haha.

Me, Fabio and Mohan
Right foufi theres more photos I want to show you but for some reason the photo uploader keeps crashing so I'll play it safe and publish this so you can see it. I'll try to upload new stuff every few days. I love the fact this is just ours and no one else can see it :) Hope you like it too, I'll tell you on the phone how to upload stuff etc but its all pretty simple.
Miss you sweetness, so very much
As always,
x x x