Saturday, August 15, 2009

new haircuts and more Iguassu Falls

Elaaaaa foufi, just thought I'd put up a few more photos for you to see. More of the falls, and even a few of me with new hair.

The falls were actually amazing, today we went up them in a speedboat.

Today we've been to the Argentinian side of the falls, which are very different to the Brazilian side. On the Argentinian side you get far closer to the falls.

I swear I haven't photoshoped the sky

We went in one of these speedboats into the actual falls

So as i said fouf, I've put on a couple of photos of me with my new hair, like I said on the phone you have to remember the next time you see me it'll be back to being longer and scruffy like it was when we met etc. but for now and traveling its actually uite fun to have short hair, but it is realllllll short haha. People seem to like it though, and I think i do too... well its growing on me at least (no pun intended).
I promise it will grow back

Speedboat funtimes

And this is Willy and Ozvaldo, our drivers that I've talked about. Ozvaldo and me are practicing spanish/english a lot. I'm not really sure either of us are actually learning anything of use, but we laugh alot - which I think is the main thing :)
Ozvaldo left, Willy right

Like I said foufi, please do remember my hair will grow back haha, i actually quite like it... for a change not forever, but with a nice beenie?... :)
muchas besos fouf
x x x

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