Friday, August 14, 2009

Iguasso Falls

Elaaa foufi, just thought I'd put up a few photos from Iguassu Falls from today for you to see. This place was pretty amazing, but first theres also photos of us attempting to set up a campsite in the dark haha. It was actually alot easier than it looked, and despite my concerns over not having a sleeping bag and being cold we were fine. There were spare sleeping bags on the bus and its actually really really warm again here, to the extent we were swimming in the campsite's pool this afternoon, actually the water was freezing but it was fun all the same.

Night time campsites

It looks slightly different in the daylight

Today we crossed the border to Paraquay, it was nuts seriously. A guy pulled a flickknife on me, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise he wasn't trying to mug me and instead was actually trying to sell it to me, along with a knuckleduster... I politely declined haha.

Chaos in Paraquay

We went to the falls in the afternoon and they were amazing

More falls, an overview if you will

For some reason (as usual) the photo uploader seems to be playing up so i'll see if I can upload a few more photos tomorrow, higher up the falls was seriously amazing.

miss you as always fouf
x x

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