Monday, August 10, 2009

Paraty and Trindade

Hello you, glad your enjoying the blog Foufi. I thought today I'd upload some photos of the town we're staying in, Paraty (pronounced Parachee). Its an amazing little place and its split into the old town and the new town... and the contrast is quite stark. The old town is very beautiful, and quite touristy. I've attached some photos below of some of the buildings and the streets. Its really beautiful, and it seems to be full of locals as well as tourists which is quite nice. I'm sure if it wasn't winter there'd be more tourits though.

An example of the architecture (i like the sky in this one)

One of the (very uneven) cobbled streets

Another cobbled street (the colours in the town are awesome)

The church (another beautiful old building)

I went to the supermarket and had to take the below photo for you... the special K was no where to be seen though.
One half of an infamous duo ;)

Today we've been to a lovely little place called Trindade. It was quite a small town at the centre of three beautiful beaches. The main one was a little more crowded (again with locals and tourists alike).

We had a little swim, and climbed on some rocks, then we all sat in the sun for a while (and I listened to some Spanish podcasts and tried to make some notes - I'm trying to kick my spanish up a gear again).

The Main Beach

Beautiful skys

Some of the Gap gang hanging out

Me infront of some waves
Thinking of a certain Greek girl :)
Right you, hope you liked these few photos. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to have a bit of an internet day so I'll hopefully update my main blog and also put up some photos here of the hostel we're staying in (I keep forgetting to take them in daylight).
Muchos besos sweetness*

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