Sunday, August 9, 2009

football and paraty

Hey there you, here's a few more photos from the last couple of days. Last night we went to watch our Brazilian friend's (Fabio) favourite team. It was an amazing experience. We were in with all the local fans and the atmosphere was amazing. Unfortunately Fabio's team (Botafogo) lost 1-0 so everyone went into a relatively sombre mood later on. But it was such an amazing experience to be in with the locals... so much better than if we'd have gone with a tour.

Outide the stadium

Giant flags

The view from the top tier

So I think I said we had some stresses with getting our money changed into American dollars. Despite this we still found time for a wander down Ipenema and Copacobana.
Me and Copacobana
Anyways so now we've started our GAP tour and like I told you on the phone, the truck is actually amazing, and below is a photo. Its ment for a maximum of 20 people, as theres seven of us we're literally traveling in luxury. And the beauty of it is this thing actually stays with us continually, its always there so theres no waiting for buses etc. It just turns up and takes us to the next place.

The truck

And we have two drivers and a guide, this is a photo of our guide, Hugo, smoking in a petrol station... and one of the drivers, Oswaldo, doing a little maintenance on the truck.

Hugo and Oswaldo

The journey down the coast was amazing too, so very picturesque.
The Coast

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