Thursday, August 6, 2009

the first secret post

Ela foufi, so as I said in my facebook message this is our secret blog between just me and you. Either of us can post blogs to each other and it seems by far the easiest way to get photos to each other.

It's nice, it means I can show you stuff immediately I see them. And it'll mean when i'm telling you about things you'll be able to picture exactly where I am and what I'm doing.

So the ideal place to start seemed to be a photo of the hostel. You can see the famous balconey where I seem to spend almost all my time.

Ace Backpackers, Rio de Janeiro

And this is the view back up towards Christ the Redeemer from the balconey, so beautiful.

Rue Sao Clemente

Yesterday we went for a walk in the early afternoon, we walked right along the water front and had an amazing view over to Sugar Loaf mountain.
Mohan and Marco admiring the view

And the is Marco (wearing my sunglasses I might add). This was taken on the terrace of the delicious restaurant we ate at that afternoon.

Introducing Marcus Roach
And this is the whole gang, left to right, Marcus, Fabio, Me and Mohan. (Note the terrible angle of the photo - you know thats bothering me as I write this haha).
Fun times
This was the view from just outside the restaurant, looking back towards the city below. The amazing conical building in the foreground is the cathedral and it's absolutely enormous. And the little white viaduct to the right of the photo is the tram line that I mentioned in a txt, it was amazing people were just hanging off the sides becuase it was so full. Yet we were about 20 or 25 metres up, so dangerous... as usual no health and safety what-so-ever. haha.
Guess who I'm talking to when this was taken? That phone call definiately cost upwards of 10pounds, you know it was worth every penny.

Ela... Foufi...

And this was the amazing view I was telling you about on the phone. This was taken from the window I was standing at for most of our conversation, in the old abandonned mansion. An amazing place, with amazing views... the ideal location for a conversation with Greece ;)

Sugar Loaf in the distance
This was the quaint little bar I told you about in my facebook message, actually I'm not sure if quaint is the right word at all... but it did have ALOT of character.

I have no idea what it's name was though?

And this was the view inside, as I said... so much character

This was an amazing old building we saw, again it was abandonned... infact almost derelict I would have said. But amazing again.
Note the lack of a roof...
This was the sunset photo I was telling you about, soooo good. For once I was in front of the camera rather than behind it. Marco did me proud though... look at those angles haha.

Me, Fabio and Mohan
Right foufi theres more photos I want to show you but for some reason the photo uploader keeps crashing so I'll play it safe and publish this so you can see it. I'll try to upload new stuff every few days. I love the fact this is just ours and no one else can see it :) Hope you like it too, I'll tell you on the phone how to upload stuff etc but its all pretty simple.
Miss you sweetness, so very much
As always,
x x x

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