Friday, September 18, 2009

The First Day of the Inca Trail

Elaaaaaa foufi, I've finally managed to get an internet connection strong enough to upload photo's onto the blog again. Its such a good way for me to show you what I'm upto and it means I can show you more photos etc and give little explanations too. This is the Inca Trail, day 1... hope you like it.

This was me just before we started the trek on day 1, as you can see i look like a well seasoned hiker... massive sunglasses and all...

James Reynolds. Pro Trekker.

The gang before setting out

The entrance to the Inca Trail

The alternative route to Machu Picchu

The first of many amazing views

On the first day the trek starts relatively easy, we hiked for 11k but in general it was all on level ground so it really begins to get you ready for the next few days.

Another view down the Sacred Valley

You can't really see too well but this photo shows the steepest section of path on day one. At the time it felt long, but in all honesty it was just a warm up for day two and Dead Woman's Pass.

A Gentle Incline

These were the first 'real' ruins we saw of the trip. Unfortunately this was as close as we got to them as they are currently being restored.


This was the view back down the valley we had trekked in the morning.

These ruins were next to our camp site on day one, so once we'd had our afternoon tea we headed down for a look around.
Beautiful views

The Camp on Day 1

The food on the trip was amazing, never too much but just enough to give you the energy needed. We even had afternoon tea as well.

Afternoon tea

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