Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Four - Machu Picchu

Hey you, so this was the final day... and the point everything had been building up to... getting to Machu Picchu.

We were up at 4am in order to get to the Sun Gate at sun rise. The Sun gate is the first point on the trail which you get to see Machu Picchu from. The idea was to watch the sun rise over the ruins however unfortunately some untimely mist put pay to that.

A misty Sun Gate

This rock was infact a temple, earlier in the trip we had all picked up a certain type of Granite which we kept with us until this point. We then placed the rock, along with an offering of cocoa leaves, on the temple and made a small request from the Inca gods.

This was our first view of Machu Picchu, it was still shrowded in mist at this point. Luckily the mist gradually lifted revealing the stunning ruins and Waynapichu mountain behind.

Seasonned trekkers

I love the fact in this picture I kind of look like a cardboard cut out, haha. like I wasn't really there, well i promise you I was.

Beard shot No. 1

Team photo infront of the ruins

Machu Picchu and Waynapicchu mountain

A different angle

I like this photo, nice colours in the plants

Inside one of the temples

This was the temple I think I mentioned in one of my emails, the windows are lined up so that on the Summer and Winter Solstices the first rays of sun over the mountains light up the alter. Our guide had a photo of it he took and it was amazing. Such clever people to say it was built about 800 yrs ago. Crazy.

Clever architecture

Another temple, the temple of the Three Windows

Very pretty Orchids

Me and the mountains

All around the site there were things the guide called niche's cut into the walls, especially in the temples etc. These were apparently so mummy's (or human sacrifices) could be kept and preserved. Me and Marco thought it would be entertaining to pretend we were mummy's.
Silly silly boys

And finally... look at how long my beard was haha. I'm pleased to say I've now had a trim, it was getting silly.

Beardy beardy beard
Me in a window, looking entertained yet slightly confused

And finally me sat feeling contented with all I'd achieved

After we'd looked around for a few hrs we headed down to the town at the foot of the mountains. It was a strange place... instead of a road running through the main street, there is a railway. trains literally come and people are just wandering on the tracks... there not mad keen on health & safety in Peru I have to say.

There was quite an entertaining end to our trip as we had a mix up with our train times, this resulted in me having to run the length of the town twice and Marco doing his best to refuse to let our train leave... this basically ment he put his bags in the door and refused to move haha. It all ended ok as I made it back to the train with seconds to spare.

The main street... the main tracks... Oh I don't know?

Poor little Marco was exhausted... within minutes I was asleep too.

Sleep sleep sleep

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