Thursday, September 24, 2009

Porta Inca

Elaaaa foufi, and now hello mother and father too!

Finally after what seems like months of being cold in the mountains we have finally made it back to the coast, Porta Inca to be exact. We were camping on the beach, and me and Marco did have concerns we'd pitched our tent a little too close to the sea and that we could quite easily wake up floating out to sea!

The beach

Email time

Other than the beach there really wasn't much else in Porta Inca, but it was nice just to have a walk out on the headlands and just hangout. In the evening we had a delicious bbq again cooked by the drivers, then the next morning thankfully the weather was nice, so we decided to have a little swim. As we're on the Pacific the water was colllllddddd, and the waves were more than a little rough. We had a swim but as with so many of the places I've swum on the Pacific we had to be careful we didn't get pulled out by the rip.

The beach and the resort

The Headland

The boys contemplating the waves

Reluctantly going in

Over or under?

Wipe out

After the swimming we decided to have a little game of beach volleyball. Everything was going fine until disaster struck again! dam weak feet!

Beach volleyball

Lining up for another winning serve

I haven't put in any actual photos of the injury, but the below photo shows Ruth and Marco trying to operate... well clean it with Alcohol. Ouuucccchh. I'm pleased to say it's now fully healed and, as with all my foot injuries, but a distant memory.

Silly silly feet

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