Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Two

Day two was the day of hill climbs. First it was a 5k climb up to 4200m over Dead Woman's Pass. Like I think I told you, our guide said it normally takes people about an hour to an hour and 20mins... I managed it in 34minutes haha, I was soooo pleased with my fitness, especially after traveling for 3 and a bit months.

The day began with a team photo, this is us and all our team of porters

And the shot below literally shows how much stuff these guys carry. Its amazing, we're all there panting our way up the hill with our little day sacks and all our fancy equipment and these guys come running past in traditional Andean sandals. Literally amazing.

The Incredible Hulks

Again day two was filled with beautiful views

Hill climbs

This is Marco almost at the summit of Dead Woman's Pass, all the way down in the bottom you can see our starting point for the days hike. This photo shows how steep the climb was too.

Marco out of breath to say the least

Me at Dead Woman's Pass

The view down the other side from DWP, four 4k down to camp

Day two was a day of climbs as I said, but in actual fact it was a relatively short day of trekking so we had all afternoon to hang out at camp. We were the middle of nowhere so me and Marco did the only logical thing... sunbathing haha

One of the porters setting up the tents, I tried to help but my offer was politely declined... no no no mi amigo

Me washing my hiking socks with the porters

Trekking - Its a stressful life

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