Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Three

Ela fouf, after yesterdays day of uphills and altitude, the third day was all about distance. We were up at 5 and away for 6 in an attempt to beat the traffic. In the morning it was very misty but that soon cleared as the day wore on. The first place we reached was a small Inca site perched on the side of a hill but it was too misty to photograph it.

Next we came to another pass, this time at about 3800m. At this point we took some silly photos, the one below shows me being christ the redeemer haha.

James the Redeemer

The gang at the highest point of the day

Me and Marco overexposed

The view across the valleys

After three or four hrs trekking we came to our next Inca site, called Sayaqwaka. This means cloud city I believe which was accurate as again it was perched on the side of a hugely steep valley... I literally have no idea how they made these places, amazing.


This is our tour guide, david, explaining about the site and what it was used for.

Inca knowledge

Arty shot

The view back to the rest point

More beautiful valleys

And again

The lunch point - on top of the world

The snow capped mountain I ran to the top of the hill with the guide to see

I may not look it, but I'm out of breath haha

Another Inca site straight after lunch - Phuyupatamarka

This sign basically means beware - spectacled bears haha

The Inca terraces - Yunkapata

And again, such beautiful views

Me sat on the terraces, moments after txting a certain someone... miss you foufi

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